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We carry a large selection of costumes all year around. Our costumes are for toddlers and children up to the age of 12 to 14. Knights, Kings, Queens, Prince’s, Princesses, Clowns, Pirates, Cowboys, Bunnies, Dogs, Cats, Tigers, Lions and the list goes on. Our very personable staff are always available to answer your questions. Call us at (416) 484-1940 Looking for something special? – Check out our Custom Made section.

30885 Cinderella Bella Gown Darth Vader Dorothy Harry Potter
Cinder Bella Gown Darth Vader Dorothy Harry Potter
$49.98 $59.98 $49.98 $39.98
Jedi TD-MA3_Marie Antoinette_Support-150x240 RedDress-150x240  Rapunzel
Jedi Marie Antoinette Queen Elizabeth Gown Rapunzel
$69.98 $69.98 $49.98 $39.98
Babys Breath SirGalahad Superman Wonderwoman
Running Brook Sir Gallahad Superman Wonder Woman
$39.98 $32.98 $39.98 $44.98

*Prices & merchandise may vary and is subject to change. Accessories sold separately.